A dynamic, high visibility, triage tag.


Clearly documenting contaminated casualties


Providing evidence based triage for injured children

SMART Triage Pac™

Expanding your ability to respond to MCI


Rapid Lifesaving Interventions

SMART Education Pack

Complete resource for running an M.C.I. Class

Proven again and again in disasters worldwide, SMART Tag® is undoubtedly the most widely used triage card available.

The SMART Tag®'s; folded design means that effective triage is quick and simple, allowing you to reprioritize your casualty quickly without losing information.

Made from durable materials the SMART Tag® will survive the worst of conditions. Its highly visible design means that the priority of the patient is easy to identify.

Compatible with START, the Triage Sieve and other forms of triage assessment the SMART Tag® is in use with London Ambulance Service(UK), Queensland Ambulance Service, a number of US States, The British Military and other European countries.

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"The way the tag has evolved has shown thought and analysis of what is needed by the end user... but, more importantly, it's part of a systematic approach... I found that you had the proper mixture of a product that was capable of evolving as needed."

James Soto, Associate Director - Disaster Preparedness. Bureau of EMS New York State Dept. of Health

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Why SMART Tag®?
  • Innovative folded design allows for simple re-triaging
  • Highly visible, with Priority 1 lightstick
  • Highly durable, waterproof and tear resistant material
  • Space for structured recording of interventions (time allowing)
  • Unique barcode for integration with tracking software

* All images showing casualties are simulated

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